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TRAction convenes Recognition and Care-Seeking writing workshop

Friday, April 8, 2022

From April 11th-14th, representatives from the TRAction-funded Recognition and Care-Seeking research projects will attend a writing workshop at URC headquarters in Bethesda.  The researchers, hailing from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Indonesia, and India, were directly involved in research development, data collection, analysis, and results dissemination.  This cross-country collaborative project examined the process of illness recognition and care seeking for mothers and newborns as well as the sequence of actions for care-seeking. The sub-awardees for the research project were Emory University, Population Council, J-PAL, Ifakara Health Institute, and World Vision. The purpose of the writing workshop will be to review and finalize manuscripts for the individual study partner teams and to discuss summary findings across study sites.  The teams will work together to synthesize the research findings and prepare the results for a synthesis paper that will ultimately be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Because this was a multi-country study, the findings will have a global relevance for policymakers and health authorities involved in interventions targeted at recognition and care-seeking for women and children.      



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