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World Vision hosts a dissemination event for its TRAction-funded research on Recognition and Care-Seeking

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

On February 22nd World Vision hosted a dissemination meeting at their Washington, DC office to present findings from their research in Indonesia focused on recognition and care seeking for maternal and newborn danger signs. The meeting convened participants from World Vision, USAID, URC, and JHPIEGO to discuss the findings and implications of the research.

The meeting featured presentations from Danielle Charlet, a technical advisor with the URC TRAction project, Alfonso Rosales, a senior technical advisor at World Vision, and Allisyn Moran, a Senior Maternal Health Advisor at USAID. The speakers discussed research development, data collection activities, and results of the qualitative interviews that explored facilitators and barriers to illness recognition and care seeking. The presentations focused on the research conducted in Papua Province, Indonesia, and also presented findings from related TRAction-funded projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and India. Although there were some differences, many similarities emerged from the research projects including cultural barriers to care seeking, the importance of husbands in the care seeking process, and barriers that inhibit care-seeking. An interesting finding from the Indonesia research was that both decision-makers and care seeking patterns were different for newborn and maternal cases.

In the coming months, World Vision Indonesia will come together with the other TRAction-funded research teams for a writing workshop to be held at URC. The teams will work together to synthesize the findings of the recognition and care-seeking research projects and prepare the results for wider dissemination. This synthesis paper will ultimately be published in a peer-reviewed journal.     

More information about TRAction’s recognition and care-seeking work can be found here.



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