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Disease Control

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Disease Control

Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, diarrhea, malaria, measles and HIV/AIDS are leading causes of mortality worldwide. New infectious diseases are constantly emerging, and existing infectious diseases are reemerging, and both pose significant challenges to public health. Our research on disease control aims to identify strategies to prevent illness, disability, and death caused by infectious diseases. TRAction specifically focuses on preventing and controlling malaria and tuberculosis, through research on technological tools, behavior change, surveillance and case detection, treatment strategies, and implementation of preventive measures in order to inform programmatic and policy decisions.


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TRAction's malaria research is focusing on new strategies for using long-lasting insecticide treated bednets (LLINs), indoor residual spraying of insecticides (IRS), and insecticide-treated wall liners (ITWLs) to prevent malaria transmission.



In Bangladesh, TRAction is working to address key challenges that threaten to hinder the country’s progress in its fight against Tuberculosis. Rapidly growing urban areas and slums face under-diagnosis and low levels of treatment of sputum positive cases. Rising rates of childhood TB reflect the inattention to its diagnosis and management. All these problems are compounded by poorly resourced government health facilities with little investment in infection control.

Additionally, TB services need to be extended to socially disadvantaged, marginalized populations and work places (e.g. prison), and greater coordination is required between private providers and the public sector. Other challenges that need to be tackled are the detection of smear negative and extra pulmonary TB cases, the prevention of XDR-TB, the expansion of diagnostic capacity and the strengthening of the health system in order to facilitate scaling up of MDR-TB management.

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